A picture of my student ID

My ID, in case you need a justification for my claim that I am a student; notice that this would be a non-factive justification, as I am no longer a student.

My Google Scholar profile can be found here.

My DBLP page can be found here.


Journal Publications:

  • with Michael Lampis, Valia Mitsou: Parameterized Modal Satisfiability. In Algorithmica 2012 (conference version in ICALP 2010)
  • A Complexity Question in Justification Logic. In Journal of Computer and System Sciences 2014 (conference version in WoLLIC 2011)

Conference Publications:

  • Complexity bounds for Multiagent Justification Logic. In the Logic Colloquium 2014
  • On the Complexity of Two-agent Justification Logic. In CLIMA XV (2014)
  • Tableaux and Complexity Bounds for a Multiagent Justification Logic with Interacting Justifications. In EUMAS 2014
  • NEXP-completeness and Universal Hardness Results for Justification Logic. In CSR 2015. Extended version available on arXiv.
  • Modal Logics with Hard Diamond-free Fragments. In LFCS 2016 (to appear).

PhD thesis:

  • Interactions and Complexity in Multi-Agent Justification Logic. The Graduate Center, CUNY, 2015.  PDF

Under Submission:

  • with Michael Lampis: Closing a Gap in the Complexity of Refinement Modal Logic.